Allround software engineer - over 25 years of experience in IT in various roles, covering a large spectrum of activities:

information and requirements analysis, business modelling, functional and technical design, reverse engineering, programming and scripting, testing (unit, system, functional, performance, load/stress, chain, regression, etc.), test environment management, test automation, test coordination, test management , continuous integration, continuous delivery, release management, functional and technical application management, operational management, 2nd and 3rd line support, incident management, problem management, change management, configuration management, data modelling, database tuning, data model conversions, application migration, database migration , reconciliations, localization, quality assurance, information management, process improvement, documentation, knowledge assurance, knowledge sharing, writing manuals, user support, helpdesk, developing teaching materials, providing technical training, creating induction programs, onboarding new employees, personal, team and organizational coaching, project management, team leader, scrum master, chief happiness officer (happiness at work expert), team building, conflict mediation

Major skills

Analysis, Design, Modeling, Documenting, Programming, Testing, Quality Assurance, Process Improvement, Teaching, Communicating, Connecting People

Personal, Team and Organizational Coaching

Expert in SQL and data modelling

Happiness at work expert


Personal Profile

I work in IT because I find it very satisfying both intellectually and socially. It offers me the opportunity to be constantly creative and to be part of a nice team. I have a great sense of responsibility, and from a deep commitment to the organization to which I dedicate my energy, I will do everything to create as much value as possible in every area that I come into contact with.

I strive to consistently deliver top quality, and I usually do a lot more things than I was originally hired to do, as I tend to get involved in whatever I see as opportunities for improvement. Others see me as a somewhat curious, but warm, knowledgeable and very dedicated colleague.

What makes me special in this field is that I, as an emotional person, offer not only my brainpower and formidable analytic skills, but also my loving heart, committing myself with heart and soul to an organization. For an IT professional am particularly strong in the social-emotional field, very good at making friends, quickly finding my way in complex organizations, connecting people and making them work together. I can turn a team of semi-autistic nerds into a high performing group of friends.


Work in the 21st century involves much more than just mastering a few technical tricks. These can be learned quickly. Each assignment has different specific tools and technical challenges, that you only learn when you are on the job. It's an illusion to think that someone could be immediately productive in any area, even if hisher resume says heshe already knows all the tricks. IT work in particular is primarily a group process, in which both the (result-oriented) task aspect and the social-emotional aspect must both receive sufficient attention. The interaction between team members and with the environment determines the success of a team way more than the set of technical skills.


The social-emotional component mainly concerns the communication skills: to what extent can you ask for help, make friends, fit into a team, make fruitful contacts, recognize and address your own inability, etc? As an all-round educated strong communicator, I can add value in almost any role. What I don't know yet, I learn quickly enough by looking it up or asking knowledgeable colleagues.