All-round software engineer - over 20 years of experience in IT in various roles, covering a large spectrum of activities:

requirements analysis, functional and technical design, reverse engineering, programming, scripting, testing (unit, system, functional acceptance, performance, load/stress, regression, chain, etc.), test environment management, test automation, test coordination, test management, release management, technical application support, operational support, 2nd and 3rd level support, troubleshooting, functional and technical application management, deployments, data modeling, database tuning, conversions, migrations, building reconciliations, localization of software, incident management, problem management, change management, configuration management, quality assurance, process improvement, setting up procedures and processes, creation (and maintenance) of documentation, writing manuals, user assistance, helpdesk, training, coaching, developing training packages, project management, team lead, scrum master

Major skills
Programming, testing, designing, documenting, teaching
Expert in SQL and data modelling


Personal Profile
I like to create and be with people. Working in the IT gives me the opportunity to create all the time (whatever things my role involves), and be part of a team and make friends - something I'm really good at. I set high standards for myself - I always deliver more than what is asked from me, and take pride in pulling things to a higher level. People see me as a highly skilled and dedicated worker.
I am not only very bright but also very social. What makes me special is that I not only offer my brain power, but also my heart.