Your contribution to the world

Training on the deeper meaning of work. We delve into the nature and purpose of work, the role of money in your life, work as means of spiritual growth, and creating your ideal work in accordance with your mission.
In this training

  • you are challenged to take a good look at yourself
  • you get more insight into why you ended up in your current work
  • you will realize how you can use a work situation as a means of spiritual growth
  • you will receive practical tips to better deal with the emotional challenges of a work situation, such as failure, criticism, authority issues, conflicts, irritating colleagues and the like
  • you can find out what kind of work would be best for you
  • you get more clarity about the nature of money and how you relate to making money
  • get acquainted with social meditations
  • you will experience yourself in various unexpected ways


Various exercises will make you discover new aspects of yourself and each other in a playful way.






  • The Nature of Work
  • Purpose and Meaning of Work
  • Effects of Work
  • Fulfilling Work



  • The Role of Money
  • Making Money with What You Like
  • Scarcity Consciousness Versus Abundance Consciousness
  • The Power of Money


Work as a Means of Personal Growth

  • Work and Self-Respect
  • The Reactive Mind
  • Authority Issues
  • Conflicts
  • Projections
  • Judgements About Others
  • Unconscious Beliefs
  • Your Colleagues as a Source of Self-Knowledge
  • Making Friends