Powerpoint presentation alternated with exercises.


Number of participants

At least 10 (the minimum for the group process to work), no maximum.



The training courses are given on location at your company or center.



The trainings can be tailored to the available time, ranging from 1 hour to a full day, and everything in between. They can also be split into multiple shorter sessions over a range of days.



The training courses can be given in both English and Dutch.



The costs consist of a travel allowance plus a variable amount, depending on the duration of the training and the number of participants. My preference is for a fixed amount per participant, with a minimum that depends on the time I spend traveling. If desired, we can also agree on a fixed price regardless of the number of participants.


Guideline for the costs per participant:

  • € 20,- for a 1-hour session
  • € 40,- for a session of half a day
  • € 75,- for a whole day


A workbook is also available as a companion to the training, at a cost of € 15,-, in order that the participants can continue working with the material at home. If desired, we can agree in advance that each participant will receive a workbook anyway, but then there will be charged an additional € 12,50 per participant.



  • Beamer that I can connect to my laptop, or to a local computer where I can insert a USB stick.
  • Sound system to play music from my laptop.
  • Space with sufficient space for both sitting and walking around with the whole group
    (without moving the seats each time to free up the space - that would take too much time).