Dancing With the Flow of Life

Training about finding the right balance in your life, reconciling opposing forces, and creating inner harmony.

In this training
• you are challenged to take a good look at yourself
• you will learn to take full responsibility for your share in a situation
• you get practical tips to increase your self-respect
• you will understand how you can make responsible choices that contribute to your happiness in life
• you get more clarity about your needs and desires
• you will learn methods to achieve a better balance in various areas, such as rest and activity, work and private life, heart and head, male and female qualities, etc.
• you will see how each quality of yours has both a light and a dark side
• you will get acquainted with social meditations
• you will experience yourself in various unexpected ways


First we first investigate to what extent we are balanced. Then we explore ways to get more balanced.


Various exercises will make you discover new aspects of yourself and each other in a playful way.





Making Choices
Taking Full Responsibility
Needs and Desires
Core Qualities
Yin-Yang: Male and Female Qualities
Finding the Right Balance