My training courses are aimed at raising awareness for people who are willing to look at themselves and want to discover new things about their relationship with themselves and the outside world. They consist of a combination of information transfer and experiential exercises. Although the content is serious, a playful approach ensures that the atmosphere is light and playful. The group process guarantees a special and enriching experience. It's at least an educational and fun event, and can even turn into a transformative event , depending on how much time is available and how far the group is willing to go.


My approach is to provide useful information from a spiritual perspective on the most pressing topics of our time, such as health, making the right choices and finding the right balance, the deeper meaning of work, et cetera. My goal is to make people aware of what they are doing and provide them with new opportunities to deepen and improve the quality of their lives. In addition, I try to give them a taste of the Love Spirit that was passed on to me by various spiritual teachers, a condition without fear with a wide open heart, full of love for yourself and each other.


The training consists of a very visual presentation interspersed with exercises. They are suitable for people who have never done self-examination before, as well as for experienced “spiritual seekers”. The set-up is so flexible that it can be tailored to the needs of different target groups.


The training courses are available in different formats:


  • 1-hour seminar

This short version is mainly aimed at information transfer, gives a brief introduction to the material, highlights the most important topics, and has only very limited space to get to work with the material yourself.


  • series of mini workshops of 1 hour each

In this version, I treat one self-contained subject per session. This format is ideally suited for a series of lunch sessions in offices, where employees are all burdened with full agendas, and cannot free themselves for a longer period. This way everyone can take part in one or more sessions of the series, depending on their interest and available time.


  • workshop of half a day

The workshop format covers a limited number of topics, with some more space for exercises for working with the material yourself, which increases the impact. It is a fun and educational event that everyone will benefit from. The workshop format is very suitable for department outings and for team building events in corporate life, because it brings the participants closer together, experiencing both themselves and each other in new and surprising ways. The event not only provides a lot of useful and practical information, but it also results in deeper connections between the participants. Most people have probably never experienced anything like social meditations.


  • 1-day course

The extended version gives the most complete picture and has ample time for exercises and reflection. This version is for people who are willing to take a closer look at themselves, who want to seriously invest energy in this topic, and experience a special day - a transformative experience that will benefit them for a long time.


In all cases, the more participants, the stronger the energy of the group, making the experience more intense.


The training courses can be given in both English and Dutch.