For me, the love shock meditation is the king of social meditations. It is an intense 2½-hour process of healing and transformation. In a relatively short time you will experience many sides of the multi faceted diamond that you are. This meditation offers a rich palette of experiences,  containing elements from encounter, bioenergetics, primal scream therapy and various meditation techniques from Osho, like the dynamic, kundalini, nataraj, nadabrahma, gourishankar, no-mind and mystic rose. By expressing all kinds of emotions, such as fear, anger, sadness, joy, excitement and love, you will encounter both light and dark sides of yourself. Through bodywork and emotional release you can let go of all kinds of unconscious, repressed feelings. At the end of this quite shocking adventure you will enter a state of consciousness without any fear, overflowing with love, with a completely open heart chakra. The effect of this Love Shock Meditation is that you will realize on a very deep level that you are lovable and completely OK, accepting that everything that lives inside you has a right to be there.


Only for the brave!


Duration: 2½ hours

Price: € 25,- per person

Practical information: Do not eat or eat very lightly in advance.

Intense bodywork is not pleasant on a full stomach. Bring comfortable clothes to move in and a blanket, because you will sweat.


Not suitable when under the influence of medication or drugs!

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