A playful social meditation exploring different aspects of friendship. Through all kinds of exercises and some light bodywork to special music, your heart will be opened more, and you will come closer to each other.


During this meditation

  • you gain a deeper understanding of how you relate to other people, which unconscious patterns you use to ensure your safety and to maintain your sense of separateness
  • you learn how to energetically heal old, not properly closed relationships
  • will you practice the principles of nonviolent communication



Practical information

Duration: approximately 1-2 hour, depending on the group size.
N.B. There is also a slightly shorter online version (1 hour), in case physical gathering is not feasible or desirable.


Preferably wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely.


Recommended price: € 10 per person.
Also possible on the basis of a voluntary contribution
, whereby everyone decides afterwards what it was worth to him or her.
In any case, I would like to receive at least an expense allowance from the organizing party.


Social Meditations