A team is not only a task force, but also an ongoing socially emotional group process. Teams go through different phases during their life time. Transitioning from one phase to another often goes with a crisis. Conflicts arise, unconscious patterns surface, issues about safety, autonomy and self esteem. Without proper awareness of what is happening team members can have a hard time dealing with all the different energies of the various team members, and the pressure from the environment to achieve the desired results. Team coaching shines light on what is happening, so any arising difficulties can be tackled.

We all like to spend our days with friends. My team coaching is aimed at creating harmony and a deeper level of connection between team members, so they become true friends. The result is an effective and productive team, where the unique qualities of every member are respected and valued.

What to expect?
First a safe environment needs to be established where team members feel free to explore and interact in new ways. There is a vast reservoir of techniques I can use, like games, theatre, authentic dialogue, working with cards, social meditations, systemic work, guided fantasies, creative expression, encounter, etc. After opening up, basic life issues will emerge, that unconsciously shape the way we interact with the world. With the support of the group they usually can be healed more quickly than in any other way. A supportive group is by far the most powerful ingredient for ongoing personal growth, because others see us as we truly are, not as we think we are. Any work team can become a powerful change agent for personal growth. Eventually team members will become intimate friends.


After an initial intake a fixed series of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions is planned, preferably followed by quarterly follow up sessions during at least one year.

Sessions last from 1 hour minimum to at most a full day, depending on the needs of the group.

€120,- per hour, excl. VAT

Location & time
To be agreed.