I offer personal coaching aimed at gaining more energy and happiness in life.
Do you want more clarity about things that are bothering or stopping you? I can help you figure out how you block yourself and provide ways to improve contact with your inner wisdom. All the answers are actually already inside you.
Discovering together what is going on inside you, bringing to the surface what is still unconscious. If this sparks your curiosity, please contact me. Be nice to yourself, seek help in cases where you are not making sufficient progress on your own. Two see more than one.

The basic premise of coaching is that you come up with some question, something that bothers or intrigues you. That can really be anything, a problem, a burning question, a wish, a vague gut feeling about which you want to get more clarity, or even just curiosity about how you are doing in life and what is happening right now, etc. The goal is increasing your awareness of what's going on inside, and discovering ways to increase your vibrancy and sense of well-being 

What to expect?
The coaching method I'm using is experience-oriented. Not just talking, but inviting you to experience something new through exercises that can increase your insight. I use all kinds of techniques, such as mindfulness, bodywork, voice dialogue, family constellations, dreams, guided fantasies, meditations, breath work, creative expression, etc.


The first session is about gaining insight into your situation, and clarity about your request for help, what you want to achieve. We may also be able to uncover any underlying question or need, i.e. what is it really about?
Then we create an action plan, which you can do to achieve your goal, and explore your motivation, any barriers and resistances, and resources you can leverage.
In subsequent sessions we will review the progress and look at the issue from a few other angles.
The number of sessions is as required.

In principle, a coaching session lasts 1 hour, but it is possible to deviate from this.

€ 90,- per hour, excl. VAT.
If you cannot afford that, you may decide what it is worth to you. In this way, everyone can contribute according to their ability to pay and the threshold remains low. Any costs for renting a suitable coaching room (if needed) are for you.


Location & time
To be agreed.