As a work happiness expert, my organizational coaching focuses explicitly on implementing a program to facilitate employee happiness at work. Organizations that are actively involved in happiness at work do well in every way: they perform better, have higher customer satisfaction, and the employees are more productive, healthier and stay with the company longer.



If I take on the role of Chief Happiness Officer, I will ensure that everyone in the company enjoys their work as much as possible, by creating an atmosphere of trust and interconnectedness in which people can thrive. An organization where inspiration can be clearly felt at all levels and in all activities is a top employer.



Happiness is determined by aptitude, circumstances and conscious behavior. Happiness can be made to a large extent by learning beneficial behavior and creating favorable conditions. Happiness is linked to fulfilling your most important physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. By becoming aware of the things that are important to you and the obstacles that keep you from realizing your wishes, there is room for new insights and behavior. A work situation offers plenty of opportunities to train new skills, because you are constantly challenged by your environment, and you can learn from the feedback of your colleagues, who see exactly what you are doing.


General approach

  • Raising awareness about the theme of happiness at work in the organization
  • Assessing the current level of happiness is at work in the organization
  • Identifying points for improvement and develop an action plan
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring and assurance



The duration of the process depends on the current atmosphere in the organization, its culture and the willingness to change. Every organization attracts a certain kind of people. Some are more open to transformation than others. Once a small group of people is created who want to actively engage in their happiness competences, the rest will follow in the long run. It is impossible to predict how long that will take. A culture change usually will take at least 1 year.



€ 150 per hour, excl. VAT