From childhood I have been fascinated by music. I play piano, organ, melodic percussion, electronics (synthesizers, keyboards, computers) and I love to sing. After studying musicology at the University of Amsterdam, I worked as a musician for 10 years. I composed, taught piano and keyboard, played keyboard in various ensembles (pop / rock / fusion / folk) and worked in recording studios as session musician and studio technician. I have been working in ICT since 1998, but I still play the piano and  occasionally compose. I can improvise beautifully on the piano, my favorite instrument. Then “heavenly” music flows from my hands. I do not feel that I make it up myself, when I relax it comes in automatically, as if it came from heaven.


Some of my compositions and improvisations can be heard in various play lists on SoundCloud


My music has traits of the following styles: neo-classical, jazz, symphonic rock, folk, new age and avant-garde.

I am working on:

  • making CDs with my own music
  • writing sheet music for piano or small ensemble
  • developing online teaching materials for learning how to improvise on the piano